To connect your blog to your GoodBarber application, just add a section, you can choose between different types of sources:

It is best to use one of our specific connectors if it's available for your CMS. For example, do not use your RSS feed to connect your WordPress blog: it will work much better with the WordPress connector.

You can then implement advanced filters on the sections of your site or allow your readers to post comments from your application.

1. Connect a blog

To connect your WordPress blog, you need to install the plugin Goodbarber for WordPress .

The installation procedure is described in the online help: WordPress.

Once the plugin is installed and activated on your blog, get your GoodBarber Key in the settings page of the plugin and use this key in yourGoodBarber backoffice when adding the source.

2. Connect a

Connecting a WordPress site is very easy. Fill in the section name, then paste the URL of your blog in the field settings, then click on Add.

3. Connect a WMaker site

To connect your WMaker site to your GoodBarber application, just enter:
- Section name
- Website Url of your WMaker site
- Login: Your Account ID
- Password: your password

4. Connect a Blogger blog

Connecting a Blogger blog is really easy. Fill in the section name, then paste the URL of your blog in the field settings, then click Add.

5. Connect an RSS feed

If you wish, you can also connect an RSS feed to your GoodBarber application.

To do so, just fill in the address of the RSS feed you want to use.

NB: With RSS feeds, it is not possible to implement filters by sections, access the comments, or submit comments from applications.

Beware: Sources such as RSS feeds in Article sections will be displayed following the article templates. Choose the right type of sections corresponding to your content. For instance, if your RSS feed comes from a podcast, add it in the Podcasts section.
Article content in the RSS feed has a display limit of 50 articles. If the feed contains more than 50 articles, only 50 articles will be displayed. 

6. Connect a Custom section

To connect a Custom section, go to the help center Developer Guide
Beware, this type of section is only for developers.

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