1. Add an mCMS Articles Section

To add the Article section, you have to click on the third icon of the menu on the right top of the screen, Sections > Green + button >  Articles, select the CMS or external source and give it a title, then click on Add.

Under the title of the section, you will have three options to customize your article:
Design, Content and Settings.


From this tab you can set up a different header only for this section and you can choose the layout for your categories and your comments.

The next two tabs, will allow you to define the settings for the List of articles and Article page.


Here you can add or delete your articles and define their publication status:

-Publish your article immediately => it will be immediately published and visible in the application  
-Draft => it will not be published  
-Pending => it will not be published  
This options will be available, by clicking on the button, under the Article title.

You can also do it directly when you publish your article, you will find at the right bottom of the page, the Publish button . Click on the arrow next to the button and then select one status.  


After you added your article, if you click on it, you will be able to customise its content.
The right column enables you to define the information associated with the article in the Info tab: the date, the category, the author, the position of the article in the list, and  a summary that will appear in the list of articles, under the title of the article.  

The Info tab also allows you to choose which category the article will be displayed in. You can display it in several categories.

You can choose to not display the author of the article by selecting "Free author" in the dropdown Author menu.

The Social tab allows you to activate or deactivate comments.


In this tab you can choose the source of your article between CMS and external source, by clicking on the Change source button.

You can organize your categories and list of articles inside each category directly from this tab.
Fill in the empty field with the title of the category and click on the plus green button to add it.

Sort the articles inside each category by alphabetic order, writing date, most commented.
You can also decide to publish or not a category by switching on ON/OFF the button next to the category title.

Each category has an orange badge where you can find information about the number of articles that includes.

There are also the options to enable or disable the comments, to use an internal or Disqus source.

Next you can also define where to move sections and also the status of publication.

Don’t forget to Save the modifications, or if you are not satisfied of your section, you can click on the Delete section button in red.

5. Page layout

In the main column, write and choose the layout of your article:

1. Bold, Italic, Underlined
2. Paragraph alignment
3. Font or highlight color
4. Quotes, bullets...
5. Paragraph format
6. Creating a table or separating line
7. Full page display
8. Adding a link (to an external URL or another section in the application), deleting a link
9. Icon source in the toolbar allows you to enter the HTML code that will be read by your app. All of the paragraph will be in HTML format.  
10. Delete the formatting.

6. Add a new paragraph

The green + icon in your paragraphs allows you to add a paragraph (of text), a photo, a video, a quote, or an embedded code for video.

Attention, the embedded paragraph only works if there is a video embed, not audio or other types of embed.  

To connect embedded audio, add a Text paragraph, selected the Source button, and paste the HTML embed of your audio source.  

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