There are two distinct WordPress connectors, one for self hosted blogs, and another for "" blogs.

If you use the Apollo Apps for WordPress plugin, please check the following:

  1. That the IP addresses of our servers are not blacklisted by your Firewall. 

These are our IP ranges: and

This corresponds to the following ranges :  

1. Problems related to comments on a Wordpress section

  1. Verify that you have activated the comments in the settings of the Apollo Apps plugin on your site. 

2. If the comments are indeed activated on your site, but you still see an error in the sending of comments from your application, verify that you have correctly filled in the source of your Wordpress site in the settings of the section in your back office.
For example, if you have configured the plugin for the Wordpress site as "", this URL is the one you must fill in as the section source.
If you enter "" instead of "", this can cause an error in the comments. To display only the section "posts", enter the URL "" and use the category filters. 

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