1. Add the section

The mCMS Calendar section is useful for creating your events directly from the back office, and sharing  their details with your users.
Note that all your events will be in the back office, but only future events will be displayed in your app (like with any other Calendar section in Apollo Apps).  

To add a calendar section you need to go to Builder and in the menu at the top right of the page, Sections > Add a section.

Choose the section Calendar between the given options, then the source CMS.
Add a title, click on Add, and you can start adding your content.

You can put the Display section button to OFF, if you don't want to display the section in your app right away (the section will be invisible until you put it back ON).


From this tab, you can:
- set up a different header only for this section;
- choose the layout for your categories;
- choose the layout for the comments.

The next two tabs, will allow you to define the design for the List of events and Event page, with the possibility to choose the icons color of the event for each device preview.


Now you can register all the information about the Events that you want to create.  

In the first paragraph, at the top of the information page, insert the Event title.

Set up the date and the hour of the Event.  

In the date field you can select the duration of the Event: date from --> to, and you can also  set up the hours or select “All day” (there will be no start or end hour).    

In the Place field, fill in the address where the Event will take place. The latitude and longitude of the location will automatically appear.  

You can modify the address by clicking on it or you can delete it by clicking on the “x” next to the address.  

The place will be showed on the map and if you click on the symbol which marks the location, you will be able to see some details, such as the title and the address.  

4. Description of the event

In the paragraph bellow this section, you can add a description of your event.
This paragraph section behaves the same way as described in the mCMS Article online help.

On the right side of the screen you can add more information in the Info tab.

The action buttons allows you to insert a phone number, an email, as well as a url for other information or a ticketing service url.

If you have different Event sections in your app, you can choose to display your event only in some of them, or in all.  

In the Social tab, you can enable or disable the comments in this particular event.

Don’t forget to publish the modifications, by clicking on “Publish” button at the bottom of the page, or choose between the other available options.


In this tab you can:

- Choose the source of your event between CMS and extermal source, by clicking on the "Change source" button.  

- Manage categories. Fill in the empty field with the title of the category and click on the + green button to add it.
You may decide to publish or not a category by switching on ON/OFF the button next to the category title.
Each category has an orange badge where you can find information about the number of events that includes.

- Enable or disable the comments, to use an internal or Disqus source and display comments from newest to oldest and viceversa.

- Move sections;

- Change the status of publication.  

Don’t forget to Save the modifications, or if you are not satisfied of your section, you can click on the Delete section button in red.



- You need to set the TIME ZONE in your profile (My profile > My account) accordingly to the time zone of your events.
It's the time zone of your profile that is the reference.

- Only future events can be displayed in the app (even if they remain in the back office, they won't be visible in the app).

- Don’t forget to update all the changes in the tab Publish > Changelog > Update.

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