1. Add a Menu section

This section allows you to create multiple navigation levels in the application.

In the Sections menu of the builder, click the + sign, select the Menu section, give it a title, and click Add. 

Your Menu section will now appear in the right menu.  
You can now add sections under the Menu using the + sign, to add a new navigation level to your app.  

We recommend that you add new sections before setting up the design of the Menu section. 

2. Add sub-sections

To add sections under your Menu section, click the "Add" button, and select the type of section you'd like.
Once the section has been added, you will be redirected to the section source.  

You must return to the list of sections to add more sections to the Menu section.
A + sign will appear if you click on the title of your Menu section.

If your application has existing sections, you can drag and drop them under the Menu section.

Take note that it's possible to add a second Menu section under the first one, in order to create another navigation level.
It is possible to add up to 3 levels of navigation.

3. Design the Menu section

Click on the title of the Menu section to access the Design tab.  
The phone-shaped Menu icon will give you access to the Settings and Template menus.

  • The Settings tab allows you to set the general design of the template you have chosen. 

- The Templates tab allows you access the templates gallery. Here you can choose the navigation mode that best suits the general design of your application.

You have a choice between 9 different templates, and a 10th one will allow you to create your navigation from scratch your own HTML code (but be careful, Apollo Apps's support doesn't debug external code).

The Menu section templates are arranged in pairs in your back office.

- The templates on the left column allow you to illustrate your sub-menus with the image of your choice, that you can import from your computer or select from our library.
The size of the image depends on the chosen template, so make sure to refer to the "?" sign next to the image to know what size is right.

- The templates on the right column allow you to illustrate your sub-memus with icons, that you can choose in our library or import from your computer (in the format white .png on a transparent background, 260px x 260px).

Templates 5 and 6 also allow you to display a background image behind photos or icons in your sections.  
Template 5 allows you to upload photos from your computer or use the photos of the gallery.
Template 6 only allows upload of photos from the computer. 

4. Update your changes

Once you've finished working on your Menu section, remember to update your modifications in order to see them in your Web and native iOS and Android app.  

To do this, click the green Update App button at the top of the page, which will direct you to the menu Publish > Changelog > Update now, and update your changes. 

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