1. 1. Add a KML Map

The Map section allows you to display and customized geo-targeted points on a map in your Apollo Apps app.  

In the backend menu go to the Builder and head to Sections > click the + sign to add a new section > select "Map", give it a title, then scroll and select external "KML".  

We recommend using  Google Map to create your KML files.

Important: The KML section can manage up to 200 points.
Therefore your KML file must not contain more than 200 items in order for your section to behave correctly.

2. Import your file

There are two options to import KML files into your backend:

- To upload the file, you will first need to download the file on your computer. Then click "browse" and import the file into your backend.

- You can also use a URL, by using the other template and pasting the matching URL in the appropriate field.
Click Add on the bottom right of the page. Your KML map section is now created.


In the same way as the other map sections, you can click on each template to open the design options.

By clicking on the Map template, you can select the icon you want, its color, or upload a custom icon for your locations on the map view.

From the List of Locations template, you can also display the list view of your list of locations or disable its display (if you set "Show list" to OFF, only the map will be displayed and the list will be inaccessible).

You can also decide whether to show the list or the map first (if you set "Show the list first" to OFF, the Map will be displayed first).  


On the Point template, you also choose the design settings for the point, including the Toolbar and the Action Buttons. 

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