1. 1. Check Google Developer Console

If your Android native app is not displaying maps this can mean that the Google Google Maps Android API isn't activated in your Google Developer Console (https://console.developers.google.com/) or that there is an error with the Android Key.  

To check, log into your console, select the number for your project as registered in the backend (Publish > Certificates > Android) and click on Use Google API.  
(There can be an API display error on browsers other than Chrome, we therefore recommend that you use this browser for this check up).

2. 2. Verifying the enabled Google API

Once in the Google API menu, check that the Google Map Android API for Android does show in the Enabled APIs board.

If you see that it is not enabled, you need to activate this API.

3. 3. Verifying the Android Key

In the Credentials section of the API management page click on Android Key to show the detailed view and check :  

  • That the key exists and that you have generated it. 

- That the displayed Android key is identical to the Android Key you placed in your backend in the menu Submission > Certificates > Android > Android Key.  

- That you've specified properly the 2 fields in the detailed view of the Android key:  1: The package name of your app 2: The SHA1 fingerprint. You can find these in your backend in the menu Submission > Certificates > Android.  

If these conditions weren't met, click on "Regenerate the key" and contact the Apollo Apps support team, providing them with the new Android Key.

NOTE: Once the issue is resolved, you will have to rebuild the Android application and send an update to the store, if it was already published. If you have not yet published the app, you must still rebuild the app.

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