1. Add a QR code Section

It is possible to access internal or external content by scanning a QR code with our Apollo Apps reader.

To add a QR code reader section to your app, in your back-office go to the Builder > Sections icon > Add a section, then select the QR Code section.

Give it a title, then click on Add.

2. Design

Click on the phone-shaped icon in the Design tab to customise the design of the QR Code Reader: color of the button, of the text, and font.  

3. Settings

From the Settings tab, you can change the Publication status (to hide the section without deleting it), or customise the URL of the section.


Make sure to Save the modifications at the bottom of the page when you are done.

WARNING: The QR Code reader won't work with just any QR codes, but only those which open a URL.  
It is not possible to execute any other action than opening a URL.

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