Sections are the basis of your Apollo Apps application. They are special-purpose modules that will be used to match your content.

In the Builder, you can access the Sections tab on the right side menu to manage the sections of your application by clicking on the green + button at the bottom of the page. You can also change the order of your sections and add/remove sections.

Different types of sections are available depending on the type of content you would like to display.  
For example, to display articles that come from your WordPress blog, you can choose to add an Article section and then select the WordPress connector. To display videos coming from your YouTube channel, you can add a Video section and then select the YouTube connector.  

1. Add your sections

You can use the green + button on the right bottom of the screen to add a section to your application.

Once you have clicked the section of your choice, fill in the main fields with the name and specific settings you would like to give to this section, and click Add. 

2. Edit, delete, or re-order your sections

Editing the sections
When you click a section, you'll have access to the design, content and settings options of that specific section.  

Deleting sections
To delete a section, move the mouse over the section concerned to display the red icon and click on it.

Changing the order of the sections
To change the order of your sections, move the mouse over the section concerned to display the up/down arrow, and drag and drop the section to the position you'd like it to be in.

3. Making the sections visible in your app

Once you have created your sections, you can make them visible in your Browsing Mode, as a tab in your Header or Footer, or as a link in the Body. 

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