1. SoundCloud

You can connect your SoundCloud account to your app. Creating and naming the section will be enough to authorize access to SoundCloud.

Once you've connected SoundCloud, the settings tab will allow you to filter your content.

2. Podcasts (RSS)

To connect a podcast to your Apollo Apps app, you simply need to use the RSS link of the podcast stream. This stream must respect the same standards as those required by iTunes.

Connecting an iTunes RSS feed

To connect an iTunes RSS feed to your app, you simply need to enter the URL in a sound section.

3. WMaker Podcast

To connect a WM podcast feed, just enter the URL and your account ID.

Just like articles RSS feeds, the Podcast feed is limited to 50 items in terms of display. This indicates that even if the feed has more than 50 tracks, the application will only display 50.

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