To add an HTML section, go to the menu Builder > Sections > + sign and Add a section.
Start by filling in the section name, then you can choose between 2 types of templates:

1. HTML Template

Your section is pre-filled with some generic HTML tags.
You have to fully customize it!

Once you click on Add, it's up to you: you can either add your code straight away in your back office, or upload your html file. Do not forget to save your section.

To edit your html code, go back to the menu Content > Section HTML, hover the mouse over the preview and click Edit HTML.
You can use this template to display static content in your application.  


2. URL Template

This is a web view of an external website.  
To add the source, paste the url in the field, and click on the Add button.
Note : You need to provide a secure URL (using the HTTPS protocol) for this section.

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