1. Reasons and explanations

Upon opening your application, a pop-up asks the user of your application for authorization to access their location data.
The user has the option to accept or refuse.

Location data is used for user geolocation in the Map sections, as well as for targeting push notifications and collecting user statistics.  

If the app does not have a Map section, Apple can consider asking the users to share their location data unsanctioned, and reject your application due to this.

When Apple is testing your app, they have no way of seeing that you are targeting push notifications and collecting statistics based on location.

If your application has a Map section, the location data should not be a rejection motive.  


2. Resolution

Most of the time, resolving a rejection due to this reason can be easily done.

In the Resolution Center on iTunes Connect (where the reasons for rejection are explained), explain to Apple that:

-Location data is used to send targeted push notifications to users in a specific country or city.
-The user can accept or refuse the usage of the location data, and regardless of their choice they can still fully use the app without any restrictions.
-The user can disable the usage of location data at anytime in their device settings.  

3. And if that isn't enough?

If the location data is the only reason for rejection, the response above is usually sufficient for having Apple validate your app once you have made the new submission.  

If, however, the new submitted application is rejected for the same reason, you always have the option to add a Map section, then resubmit the application on iTunes Connect, which is the quickest way to resolve everything.

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