When we say the backend is locked, it means the Publish > Changelog menu is unavailable.
As a consequence, you cannot update the changes which show in green in the Changelog > Update menu (the changes which do not require a new submission on the store an can be updated right from the backend).
You can still work on your app though, only the update is temporarily frozen! You will be able to update your changes after this menu is available again.

The Changelog menu may be locked for the following reasons:
- At least one version of the app (iOS, Android or both) has a build in progress
- At least one version of the app (iOS, Android or both) is ready to be tested
- At least one version of the app (iOS, Android or both) is being reviewed by Apple / Google.  

Before building your app and submitting it to any store, we recommend to update your changes by going to Publish > Update > Changelog and then click the green Update button, so that the latest modifications show in the native and web app versions.

2. How to unlock the Update page when the app is Ready?

It is possible to unlock the Update page when the iOS and/or Android app is Ready to be tested. To do so, go to Publish > Publication > iOS or Publish >  Publication > Android, depending on which version you need to unlock, and click on the Modify button.

If both versions are Ready to be tested, you must do this for both of them in order to fully unlock the backend.

3. How to unlock the Update page when the app is Validating?

If the backend indicates the app is Validating, for iOS or Android, it means you must have submitted the app to at least one store (App Store and/ or Google Play).  

The Update page won't unlock as long as at least one version of your app indicates "Validating".
The backend will indicate the app is no longer Validating once it has been published and downloaded a few times from the stores.  

Also, don't forget to click on Next Step after downloading the binary file (.ipa or .apk) and the screenshots you will use to submit your app to the store. If you forget this step, the downloads of your app won't be counted, and the backend won't unlock on its own.

4. Unlocking the iOS version manually

The backend may state your app is Validating while your app is not actually in review on the store. For instance, if the app hasn't yet been submitted, or has been rejected by Apple.  

For iOS only, it is now possible to unlock the backend directly from the Publish > Publication > iOS page, by clicking the Unlock your backend button.

A few questions will be asked in the dropdown menu to decide whether or not the backend can be unlocked.

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