We offer several ways to see the result of what you are doing when you are working on your app.  
The first one of them is the back office preview.  

The back office preview is based on the Web app version.
To have a preview of the native iOS or Android version of the app, you should install My Apollo Apps app from the store (iTunes Connect or Google Play).

You can choose on which device you wish to preview your app in the blue top bar of your back office.

1. Phone preview

This is how your app will appear on a phone. However, keep in mind that the design of the app is automatically resized to fit any screen size, so the real app may appear slightly different depending on the size of the actual screen it is viewed on.

2. Tablet preview

This is how your app will by displayed on tablets.  
The landscape mode is available on tablets. To change the position of the screen use the blue button at the top right of the preview.

3. Laptop preview

The laptop preview, as stated, is the way your web app will show on a laptop. It is narrower than a regular desktop preview.  

4. Desktop preview

The desktop preview is the broader size, it is how the app will show in a large desktop screen.

5. Good to know

The preview in the backend is a preview of the web version. To see a preview of the native iOS or Android version, you should use My Apollo Apps app.  

Also, as advertised, this preview is for you to see the immediate modifications made into your backend.
These changes will only be visible to your users after you update them in the Publish > Update > Changelog menu (left hand menu of your back office). 

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