You have created an application with another service, and published it in the stores.
You now want to update this application with the one you've created with Apollo Apps, so that your existing users can download it as an update of the same application (and not like a different, new application from the store). 

1. Update an existing iOS application

To update an existing iOS application, you must find out the following information :
- Bundle ID (or App ID)
- The version number

This information is available in your account iTunes Connect > My apps > Your application.
In the App Information tab, the Bundle ID can be found and the application version number is in the left menu.

In your back office, once you begin the submission process for your iOS application, proceed in the following way:

Step 0 : First time? => Check the "Update" option

Steps 1 and 2 => Create a new distribution certificate or use an existing .p12 file.
This is not related to whether or not an update is happening, this choice depends just on the state of the distribution certificate validity, which expires automatically at the end of one year.  

Step 3 : App ID => Fill in the Bundle ID and the version number of the existing application.
Then continue with the following steps as indicated in the back office, until the end of the process. 

2. Update an existing Android application

To update an existing Android application, you must find out the following information :

  • The keystore of the application. This is a file that includes your application's private key. 

If you have made your application with another app builder competitor of Apollo Apps, you must ask them to give you the keystore. Without this file, it is impossible to update an existing app.

  • The package name 
  • The version number of the published application 

You will find the package name and the version number in the APK menu of of your application in your Google Play account.
In the example below, the version number is 15 and the package name is com.ApolloApps.ApolloApps news.

In your back office, once you begin the submission process for your Android app, proceed in the following way :

Step 0 : First time? =>Check the "Update" option

Step 1 : Keystore => Send the Keystore file and fill in the associated passwords

Step 2 : Package name => Fill in the package name, and the version number (attention, regardless of the number between parenthesis, the version number that is NOT between parenthesis is the one you must fill in).  
Then carry our the rest of the steps normally by following the instructions given on the screen.

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