By default, your application has a theme that can be changed from the Builder > Resources and tools > Theme menu.
You can also modify a theme, which means you can modify all colors, fonts, backgrounds, formats, etc... of each element of your application. To do so, go to the menu Builder > Section, which will show you the entirety of your sections and their structures.

The list of possible configurations always depends on the specific type of content.
We use as an example in this online help a mCMS article section, the settings available may differ depending on the section you are configuring.

You have two pages which can be configured:
- the list of article (list view of the section)
- the article page (detailed page of the section)

Click "List of articles" or "Article" to access those pages settings.


Your template is clearly identified, as it is marked with a green icon. You have in the case of Article sections, 4 templates for the Article page, and 9 for the list page.


You can set here the colors, backgrounds, and other options.  

1. List of article

Click the arrow sign to deploy the different blocks of settings.

If you unfold the Thumbnail tab, you can choose a default thumbnail to display when there is no picture in your article, but also the alignments and the format of your thumbnails.

Content Zone:
Edit the colors, backgrounds, and other options.
You can also edit the text and tokens that will be displayed (Date and author).
If you don't want to display anything, simply uncheck the Info box.  

Note: if you use template 4 to display your articles pages you cannot do this configuration. The "HTML Code" menu cannot be modified for this template. 

2. Article

In this block, you set all that concerns the content displayed on your article page (background colour of the page, font and text colours, content alignment etc.)

You choose here the actions you want to display in the toolbar of your article, the colours of the icons etc..

Set the pager colours, which enables your users to navigate in between your articles.

HTML Code:
You can either edit the tokens and text, or if you'd like, for instance, to delete the date and author, delete the bit of code corresponding to this information, see below:


At the top of the right column, click your section icon to change it.
Please check our online help "Customize the icons in your app sections" for more details.

Click the pen icon to edit your section title.


If you use a multi-level navigation system in your app, you can also configure the design of your Menu section, and sub-sections.

The example below concerns the section called: "Menu section".
Click your section, in order to set the display of your menu.

Note: Click the sub-sections to configure them, exactly as you would for the first level of a section. 

Then, click "Menu":

Like other sections, you then have 2 tabs, one to choose your menu template, and one for its settings.

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