You can customize the icon of each section of your app.

Select the section in which you want to change the icon and click on its icon.  
A new page with a list of icons will open.

You have multiple choices at this point:

- Choose from the 1500 default icons provided by GoodBarber in the Collections tab (divided in 3 blocks: Generic Set #1/2/3).
- Import your own icon/image in the back office from the Personal icons tab.

1. 1 / The default icons collections

Each of the next 3 options has a different design:

-Generic Set #1: transparent background and full white logo.

-Generic Set #2: transparent background, just with logo borders.

For Generic sets #1 and #2, there are different logo choices: basic, event, weather, animals, clothes, culture, media measure, tools, nature food, shop, transport army, sewing, movies, halloween, game, users, hairdressing lifestyle, music, map medical, children, footprint, factory.

-Generic Set #3: mix of logos for different type of sections (Facebook logo, Twiter logo, etc.)

You just have to click on the icon you prefer to select it, and automatically will replace the previous icon of the section.

You can also set the preview size (16/32/64) of the icons to have a better display while you are choosing one of them, by clicking on the Preview size drop down menu at the right top of the screen.  

Please note that it only changes the display in the preview, it doesn't change the actual size of the icon in the app.

2. 2/ The personal icons

You can upload your personal icon and create your own icon gallery to use in your app sections.

Your icon files must be .png files of 260 x 260 pixels, with a fully white (#FFFFFF) image -  and no other color, even for a pixel!!!! -  on a transparent background.

The list of icons you have uploaded will show below, in the Personal collection area.

3. 3/ The personal images

You can upload your personal image and create your own images gallery to use in your app sections.

The Image option allows to upload colourful images.
 Your image files must be a .png file of 260 x 260 pixels.

The list of images you have uploaded will show below, in the Personal collection area.

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