Welcome to Apollo Apps builder! We're excited to help you reach your congregation like never before.

Here is a very simple guide to starting your app...

1. Choose your app theme

Click "App Management" on the header, then select "App Theme". You can customize this theme later.

2. Choose your menu style

Click "navigation" on the left, then click "Template" choose which menu you'd like, then right under the menu you select, click "edit" to customize the colors.

3. Add a logo or choose your header design

On the left menu, click "App Design". On your right panel, click the name (for example "JaneDoe1307") and change the title under "text" or click the "picture" bullet and upload a logo. 

4. Add your content

On the left menu, click "sections". This is where you'll add each "page" (referred to as a section). You can add a section by clicking the plus on the bottom right. Or choose one of the existing sections to edit by clicking the section title.

Each section needs a source. After clicking the sections title, you can click "content" and choose where this content should come from.

More about sections...

5. Prepare for publishing

Create an app icon by clicking "App Icon" on the left menu. You can select wizard on your panel if you'd like to generate an icon instead of uploading one. 

Do the same for your Splash Screen by clicking "Splash Screen" on the left menu. 

6. Begin Publishing

This is where it begins getting tricky. You've got two options, to publish yourself or to upgrade to Full Service and allow us to publish your app for you. 

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