1. App name and Apollo Apps project name

The name you register when you create your Beautiful App is the name that will appear in your Apollo Apps backend URL. For example, if you created your Beautiful App as "myapp", your backend URL will be: http://myapp.apollochurchapps.com

The name of the project cannot be changed once your Apollo Apps project has been created.

2. Name of the application on the stores

The name of your app on the stores and the name of your project don't have to be the same. The users don't see the name of your project, they only see the name which you assign to your app when publishing it to the stores.

Attention: In your Android application, the name of the project will appear in the package name by default (step 2 of the Android submission process) and will therefore appear in the url of your application on Google Play.

For instance, if you call your project "myapp" but your app is actually called "Fantastic App" on the stores change your package name (by default it will be "com.apollochurchapps.myapp") to "com.apollochurchapps.fantasticapp". Afterwards, carry on normally with the submission process.

3. Name of the application in the Resources and Tools menu

You can set the name of the application that your users will see on their phones (under the app's icon) from Builder > Resources and Tools > Icon menu. You'll be able to set the name of the app under the icon. 


That is why the number of characters in that section is limited.

The name you filled doesn't need to be strictly identical to the one you will register during the submission to the stores. For instance, if the name of your application is too long for that section, simply find a diminutive.

4. Editing the name of the application after its publication

You can edit the name displayed on the Google Play store anytime, without having to submit a new version of your app. The url of your application will, however, remain unchanged.

iOS :  
To edit the name of your iOS application as it is displayed in the App Store, you must submit a new version of your application in iTunes Connect.

Attention: If you also modify the name under the icon in Builder > Resources and Tools > Icon menu, you must compile a new version of your application and send an update to the store so that the modification is taken into account.

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