This article only applies to users with The Unlimited Package. If you don't have the unlimited package, please use your edits wall to submit changes to your designer or call 800-577-0256 if you'd like access to editing your app content.

1. Add a CMS Articles Section

In the menu App > Sections > Add a section, select the Article section, give it a title, then select "CMS" as the content source, and click Add.

Now you can write your first article.

2. Page layout

In the main column, write and choose the layout of your article:

1. Bold, Italic, Underlined
2. Paragraph alignment
3. Font or highlight color
4. Quotes, bullets...
5. Paragraph format
6. Creating a table or separating line
7. Full page display
8. Adding a link (to an external URL or another section in the application), deleting a link
9. Icon source in the toolbar allows you to enter the HTML code that will be read by your app. All of the paragraph will be in HTML format.
10. Delete the formatting.

3. Add a new paragraph

The blue + icon in your paragraphs allows you to add a paragraph (of text), a photo, a video, a quote, or an embedded code for video.

Attention, the embedded paragraph only works if there is a video embed, not audio or other types of embed.

To connect embedded audio, add a Text paragraph, selected the Source button, and paste the HTML embed of your audio source.

4. Article meta data

The right column enables you to define the information associated with the article in the Info tab: the date, the category, the author, the position of the article in the list, and a summary that will appear in the list of articles under the title of the article.

The Info tab also allows you to choose which category the article will be displayed in (the categories can be set up in the Settings of the section). You can display it in several categories.

You can choose to not display the author of the article by selecting "Free author" in the dropdown Author menu.

The Social tab allows you to activate or deactivate comments.

Once you have finished, you can choose the publication status for your article from the drop down menu in the right column:
-Publish your article immediately => it will be immediately published and visible in the application
-Save as draft => it will not be published
-Pending => it will not be published
-Delayed => Choose the date and time of the article publication.

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