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1. Add a CMS Map Section

Map sections allow you to display a geolocated point on a map in your app.

Go to the menu App > Sections > Add a section, select Map, give it a title, and then select "CMS" as the content source and click Add.

Now you can create your first point.

2. Set up the map section

To add a point to your map, you must fill in:
- The name of the point you want to display
- Its address
- Its GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude)
If the address you are using can be geolocated by Google Maps, it will appear in the input field, and the latitude and longitude will be automatically entered.

3. How can I retrieve GPS coordinates on Google Maps?

If you do not know the GPS coordinates of a particular point, the easiest way to get them is by going to Google Maps (

Place your mouse over the point on the map you want to geotag. Then right click on the point, and then click "What's here?" in the menu. The information bubble that will appear contains the latitude andlongitude of the point.

4. Set up each point on the map

In the right column, the Info tab allows you to set up each point.

You can include:
-A telephone number
-An email address

You have the choice between different types of icons, you can modify the color, or even use a personal icon.

You can also choose which sections you want the point to be displayed in (the sections can be set up in the menu Settings of the section).

The Social tab allows you to activate or deactivate comments on a point.

5. Change the distance units

If you would like to change the measurement of distance in your Map section from km to m, or vice versa, all you have to do is add a Settings section.
From here the distance units can be set as desired.

6. Publishing

In the middle column, under the point, you can add text, a photo, a video, etc.
Regarding text, you have the same options as in the CMS Article sections (see the corresponding online help).Once you have finished, you can choose the publishing state of your article in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the right hand column.
- Publish your article immediately => it will be published and visible in the application right away
- Save as draft => it will not be published
- Pending => it will not be published

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