This article only applies to users with The Unlimited Package. If you don't have the unlimited package, please use your edits wall to submit changes to your designer or call 800-577-0256 if you'd like access to editing your app content.

1. Add a CMS Photo Section

In the menu App > Sections > Add a Section, select the Photo section, give it a title, then select "CMS" as the content source, and click Add.

2. Upload an image

You can now upload your first image.

The maximum dimensions for an image are 3264 * 3264px. Concerning the size, it should not be larger than 4 MB.

You can either upload an image from your computer (Browse...) or select an image from the Unsplash gallery that is available for your use (Library).

Once the first photo has been added, it will be displayed in the Content tab in the main menu.

3. Display in list mode

In list mode you can:

-modify the title of the photo by clicking on it
-add a caption
-modifying the publication status of the photo (green = published, blue = invisible).

To resize the image and apply effects, scroll the mouse over the thumbnail image, click on the blue icon, and you can crop the photo, put it in black and white, or even add a blur effect.

4. Manage multiple photos simultaneously in the list mode

In list mode, you can also change the status of multiple photos at once.
To do this, select a photo. A line will appear above the list with a dropdown "change status" menu, an "OK" button, and a check box.Check the box that is found next to the "OK" button to select all the photos on the page.
Scroll down in the menu to display the statuses "published" (the photos will be visible in the application), or "pending" (the photos will be invisible in the application).
Select the status you want, and then click OK.

5. Display in table mode

In table mode, you can reorganize the order of your photos by simply dragging and dropping.

6. Settings

The Settings section allows you to activate the search engine in the section.

You can also hide the section and make it invisible to your users.

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