This article only applies to users with The Unlimited Package. If you don't have the unlimited package, please use your edits wall to submit changes to your designer or call 800-577-0256 if you'd like access to editing your app content.

1. Add a CMS Sound section

In the menu App > Sections > Add a section, select the Sound section, give it a title, select "CMS" as the content source, and click Add.

2. Upload sound

Now you can upload your first audio file by dragging and dropping it or selecting it from your computer (Browse...).

3. Illustrate with an image

Once the file has been uploaded, you can choose to enhance it with a photo from your computer (Browse...) or choose an image from the Unsplash gallery (Library).

The selected image will also be the thumbnail for this item in your application.

4. Description and metadata

In the main column of your back office, write the description of your audio file.

You have the same text options here as in the CMS Articles section (see the corresponding Online Help).

You need to configure the date, section, author, thumbnail, and link to buy in the Info tab in the right column.

You can also choose which section(s) you want the video to be displayed in (the sections can be configured in the Settings menu of the section).

The Social tab allows you to activate or deactivate comments.

Once you have finished, you can choose the publication status of your sound in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the right column.
-Publish your sound immediately =>it will be immediately published and visible in your application
-Safe as draft => it will not be published
-Pending =>it will not be published

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