To connect a calendar to your application, go to the Content menu, click on Add a section at the bottom of the right column, then click on the source of your choice.

You can choose between 5 types of sources to display your events:
- Facebook Events
- Google Calendar
- WMaker
- iCal/vCal
- Custom

1. Connect the calendar of a Facebook page

To connect the agenda of your Facebook page to your application, simply fill in the name of the section, then the username of your page.

If you are a Facebook user, you probably know it: it is in the URL of your profile.

The username is in its URL:

2. Connect a Google Calendar

Connecting your Google Calendar to your application is easy.

Start by filling in the section name, then simply click the the button Request an access to the service; you will be redirected to the website Google to allow us access to your content. Confirm authorization to return to your back office and complete the procedure. You must then specify amongst the various options which calendar you want to display in the application.

3. Connect a calendar of a Wmaker site

To connect the calendar of your WMaker site to your application, fill in:

- Section name
- URL of your WMaker site
- Login: Your Account ID
- Password: your password

4. Connect a iCal/vCal feed

To connect an iCal/vCal feed, fill in the section name, then paste your URL feed in the field settings.

5. Connect a custom feed

To connect a Custom feed, fill in the section name, then paste your custom URL feed in the field settings.
Make sure your custom feed respects the specifications of the Content API.

Warning: we don't display past or recurrent events, this applies to all sources.

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