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You can connect one or more social networks to your app. To do so, you can add a Facebook and aTwitter section to your app.

1. Connect a Facebook page

In a section such as Facebook, you can connect the content of a Facebook page.

Beware: We're talking about a fan page and not a personal profile. As a reminder, you can like a page, but you become friends with a personal profile.

Your page cannot have any restriction (age, country, etc.) and must be accessible by all so that the platform can retrieve your content and display it in the app.

To connect a Facebook page, you just have to fill in the username. It is located in the URL of the page. For example, the username of the page will be found where you see the bold letters in this URL:

If you have not set up a username for your page, you must use the ID of your page. It works the same way, it is in the URL of the page, in bold in this example:

2. Connect a twitter account

To connect a Twitter account to your application, you will need to create a Twitter application. You will then enter the various OAuth tokens that will be provided by Twitter in your back office.

The complete procedure is described in the online help: Twitter.

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