1. Purchase the Live Video Feature

To purchase this feature call us at 800-577-0256

2. Configure the source

Insert the URL of your live video feed. You must use a video feed in http streaming format in the Live Video section.

We recommend the following formats http live streaming for iOS and for Android mp4.

- Feed M3U8 para iOS (HTTP Live Streaming)
- Feed RTSP para Android.

The compatible feed must respect these guidelines : https://developer.apple.com/streaming/

***Feeds such as Youtube, Ustream, etc. are incompatible with this type of section.***

Note: We remind you that if you are using the live video feature, you directly use the streaming provided by your provider. We do not recommend providers or services, you choose one at your discretion. If you search online, you can find several live video providers.

3. Scheduling

To schedule your stream, go to the Settings Tab, activate the Scheduling button, and enter the time when you want to go on air.
You can repeat this time, depending on how often you want to go on air.

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