The Settings tab of the CMS sections enables you to define several details of your CMS sections.

In this menu, you can activate the Search engine or Disqus comments for your CMS section.
Those settings are applied to all articles, videos or audio files of the section concerned.
You can also choose to hide the section. Please remember to save your settings.

Create categories

The video above shows how you can create categories in your CMS section.

This can be done in Article, Map, Sound, Video, and as of today, CMS Calendar sections.


You can organize your articles, videos or audio files by categories.
To add a category, enter its name in the appropriate field, then click on the icon +.
Choose how you wish to categorize your items out in the drop down menu. You can also hide one of the categories by clicking on the button On/Off.
Simply drag and drop your categories to change their order.

Attention: The sorting by position option is only available for categories that you have created, it is not available for the category "All categories" or for the sections that use an external source.
If you would like to classify your articles by position and just have one category (section), simply create a second category and choose to hide the category "All categories". Remember to assign your articles to this section in the proceeding record:

Once your categories are created, you can find them under different tabs in the Content menu of your section.
In this menu you will find the list of your items and be able to delete them, change their publication status, position in the list, etc.

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