his article only applies to users with The Unlimited Package. If you don't have the unlimited package, please use your edits wall to submit changes to your designer or call 800-577-0256.

Some changes simply require clicking the "Update" green button in the backend; they show in green on the list.

Others require you to recompile (we also say rebuild) your app, and submit the newly generated version to stores; those changes appear in grey on the list.

1. Updating your app from your backend

Most changes made in your backend only require clicking on the green button "Update" in the menu Publish > Changelog > Update now.

By doing this, the changes will be applied to the native iOS and Android versions of your app (be it the AdHoc test version or the one which is live on the stores), and the HTML5 version as well.

You should proceed as you would if you were adding or removing a section, changing the order of your sections, editing the general or advanced design of your sections or the menu, making any changes in the Monetizing section, or in the Settings API, etc.

This is the most common type of update.
It covers almost any modification you can make to your app, except the ones listed in the next paragraph.

Please note that this function is not available if the app is in validation in one of the stores. 

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