This is a quick guide explaining where everything is located and how to get started editing your app. 

1. The app icon on the left is where design begins.
After you've opened the design tab, you'll notice a panel on the right of your screen. This panel will walk you through the design process one step at a time. 

2. This is the design panel. To get back here just click "General"
On this panel you'll see a total of 7 steps that help guide you through design. 

  • Theme - Choose a starting theme
  • Menu - Select a menu layout, customize the colors of the menu.
  • Header + Body - Change your logo, header colors, and body styles.
  • Add Your Content - Part of section management. 
  • Design Your Sections - Part of section management. 
  • Launching Screen - Generate a launch screen for your app.
  • Icon - Generate your app icon (shown on the app stores)

3. This is the section management, where you add "pages" to your app.
You can add sections or "pages" here. You can also customize every section with custom colors and styles. 

4. Once you are done with your changes, click "Update App"
Clicking this will show you a list of recent changes. Then once you're ready for your design and updates to go live, click "Update App" again on the bottom right. 

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