1. Fonts available in the design panel

Design wise, it is possible to customize the fonts displayed in the app. You can do so from the menu App > General.
Depending on the items and the display selected, you have different options:

- No choice of fonts
- Native fonts only
- Google fonts (+ the possibility to add a font from the blue link).

Native fonts and Google fonts are available with the design elements below:
- Header + Body
- Launching screen (using the wizard)
- Icon (using the wizard)

In the Menu, it depends on the display selected:
- TabBar and Classic TabBar templates: no Fonts choice
- Swipe and Little Swipe templates: Native Fonts only
- Grid, Slate, Typo, Large Typo templates: Native Fonts and Google Fonts, as well as the possibility to add extra Google Fonts.

2. Fonts available in the content sections of the app

For the content sections of the app you can only choose among Native fonts.
Google Fonts aren’t available.

3. Fonts available in the categories display

Several options are available in the sub-categories of content sections, depending on the chosen display.

  • Expandable, Pager and Overlay: no choice of fonts. 

- Dropdown, Circle band: Native fonts.

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