1. Settings of your app's default header

To modify the header, go to the menu App > General > Header+Body > Tab > Header tab.  

The header is nothing more than the the "banner title" of your app. The header is composed of three parts: the logo (whether it be text or image), the background (either a solid color or an image), and action buttons (swipe, back, etc.)

The logo can either be text or an image. If it is text, make sure that it's not too long (usually 12 characters but check in the preview on the left to be sure).

For images, the minimum sizes are indicated if you roll the cursor over the ? As a reminder: 

  • Logo 450 X 111 px 

- Logo HD 600 X 148 px for Android

It's best to use horizontal PNG images on a transparent background. For round or square logos, you don't need to be a geometry expert to understand 74x74 px and 148x148 px on a transparent background. A little hint: use a horizontal image by aligning your logo to one side and the title to another.  

These constraints are necessary because this can show other elements to the left and right of your logo, such as the access to the swipe or filter options.

The background can either be a color or an image, and you can use gradients. For the background image:
- Background 640x128 px
- Background 2048x128 px for iPad
-Background 1242X192 px for iPhone 6+
-Background 750X128 px for iPhone 6

Use a more neutral texture or color to emphasize your title or your logo. Avoid using the background to get around "restrictions", this can lead to visual conflicts inside the pages.

The iOS effects and buttons: For every button, you can choose a type in the library, and define its color, texture, background color, etc...

2. Settings of headers by section

It is possible to configure different headers by section.
To do this, go to the menu App > Section concerned, click on the header icon, then "Modify the header of this section".

Here you will have access to the settings specific to the section concerned.
The settings of the default header will not any longer be applied to this section, the new settings specific to that section will now take priority.

Warning: If there is a background picture in the default header, you can replace it in a specific section, but not delete it just for that section (the default image will still be shown). If you wish to use a background picture in the default header, but none in some specific sections, you must upload a transparent picture as background image in the header settings of the section concerned.

If you would like to come back to the settings of the default header of a section, click on the wheel, then on "Go back to default header", as shown below:

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