1. Purchasing the Live+ Feature

To purchase this feature call us at 800-577-0256

2. Settings

Just like the Live Audio section, the Live + section is a direct audio stream, however it allows you to display additional information during audio playback.

To do so, the audio stream must contain meta-data conforming to the ShoutCast or IceCast standards.

During Playback, the following information will be displayed, if provided by the meta-data in your stream: The name of the track, the artist's name, the cover image, and a link to purchase the track in iTunes.

3. Scheduling

To schedule your stream, go to the Settings Tab, activate the Scheduling button, and enter the time when you want to go on air.
You can repeat this time, depending on how often you want to go on air.

This section is optional for an extra cost, which you can try for free during the trial period of your app.

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