1. Assign the user to a group

To assign a user to a given group, click their name in the menu User > My users > List. A new field "Groups" is now available.

Click on this field to display the list of groups you have created, and select the one(s) you want to assign the user to.
It is possible to assign one user to multiple groups.

It is also possible to assign one or more users to a group at the same time directly from the menu User > My users > List.

To do this, select the user(s) of your choice.
Then click "Move to" in the drowdown menu for a visual of the list of your groups, select the group(s) in which you would like to put your users, and then click OK.

2. Define each group's access rights to the app or to sections

From the menu Users > My users > Public/Private, you can now personalize access rights to the content of your app.

By default, access to private sections is set to "All groups".
Click the "+" sign and select the groups that you want to have access to private content (whether this be the entire app or one or more sections of the app).
It is possible to give access to private content to multiple groups at the same time.

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