1. From an HTML section - HTML Template

In your HTML code, use apolloapps://openExternal to create an external link.

The links must be in the following format: <a href="apolloapps://openExternal?url=URL_WITH_URLENCODE">Open in external browser</a><br />

To change a text into URL encode, use: http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder/

2. From a Click-To section

In the Json file of your section, add the property "openExternal = 1" as indicated below, and then save.

If you have not subscribed to the Developer Option (included in the Advanced plan or available as an option for $4/month), you can add it from the Add-On Store.

3. Update your modifications

Once the HTML or Click-To section has been modified, remember to publish this change in Publish > Changelog > Update now, to propagate it in the native iOS and Android versions of your application. 

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