In order for one of our professional designers to begin working on your app, we need some information. 

To get started on your customization form, log into your dashboard and click "CUSTOMIZE" on the top left. From here you'll have two options...

Use My Website 

If you've got a website with information about your church on it, save some time and just enter your website. Our designers will pull all the basic information we need off your website. 

This option skips step 1 and 2 of the form and will take you straight to customizing your features. 

A Little More TLC

If you don't have a website or prefer to manually enter your information this option will take you through basic questions about your app such as contact information, church location, about and staff information. 

Customizing Your Features

After you've filled out the basic information we'll need some sources for the features included in your package. Each feature needs a source such as YouTube for Videos, or iTunes feed for podcasts. 

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