Your app is live and you're ready to start publishing content, managing sections and sending push notifications. Perfect! Here's a short summary of your app backend get you started. 

1. Publishing Content - Articles, Videos, Podcasts & Events

Click the content icon on the left, this is your publishing page. You will see a drop down that allows you to select the type of content you'd like published to your app. 

To create content, select the type and then click the "+ Add an [type]" button on the right.

You will only be able to publish content if you've opted to use the CMS (apps backed) to publish and not an external source like an RSS feed, Youtube, etc.

For a full CMS tutorials click here. 

2. Push Notifications - Send, Schedule, Geofencing. 

To begin sending push notifications, click the person icon on the left. 

This is where you'll begin your push notifications. You can select "Send" to send out a push notification immediately, or schedule a future notification. Select "Schedule" to automate push notifications to send out when content is published. And "Notifications" under "GeoAlert" to schedule geo triggered notifications. 

For a full push notification rundown click here

3. Editing Your App - Sections, Sources, etc.

To begin editing your app, click the app icon on the top left of your app backend. From there you will see a preview in the center and an editing panel to the left. 

From the panel on the left, you may begin selecting sections you'd like to edit. You can change sources, colors, and content of the sections from this panel. Editing your app is a very complex process, click here for a full breakdown. 

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