As owner of your app, your account status is Administrator / Website owner. With such credentials, you have the possibility to create a team, i.e, give access to the back office of your project to contributors of your choice.

Attention: this option is available for Full and Advanced subscribers only.

To add a new team member, enter their email address. An email will be dispatched to their inbox from which they can follow the procedure to create an Account ID and access the back office.

Once you enter their email address, you will access a panel from which you can manage their access rights. There are two profile types: Administrator or User.

FIY : If your project is multi-language for instance, you can edit the Backend language of a specific member of your team, for a more user friendly experience.

An Administrator profile grants access to the entire back office, this includes Design, Settings, Publish, Add-Ons, Content, Business and Audience menus.

A User profile has a more restricted access, the Design, Settings, Publish and Add-Ons menus aren't available by default.

For both profiles, you can customize access rights further, simply select or un-select the sections of the back office listed in the view below. Once you’re done editing the profile of your new "Editorial staff" member, simply click on the Save button.

On their end, the new Administrator or User must accept your invitation to activate their account. Until then, their status will read as "Account ID not yet valid". If necessary, you have the option to "Accept the invitation in his place" or "Resend an invitation".

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