1. Analytics

The most important thing to know before creating a promotion strategy is who your users are and what they are doing, and the best way to do this is through analyzing statistics and data. What could be better than a report of this provided to you requiring no work on your part? A simple, graphical display with this information is available right in the back office for you to view at any time.

Not enough data for you? Google Analytics, App Analytics (by Apple), Countly, and Flurry are all options we provide if you wish for a more detailed insight—just let us know which sources you want to utilize and we will set it up.

2. Advertising

Take advantage of our advertising options for a simple, effortless way to earn some extra cash from your app. Choose amongst our list of ad networks, or create your own ad campaign with your partners.

3. Opt for a Rating Pop-Up

Choosing to have a rating pop-up activated in your app is a great way to get feedback and ideas from your users. This also allows them to rate your app in the stores, which can help to increase your downloads if your users are pleased. Let us know if you would like to include this handy feature.

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