The Article sources (WordPress, TypePad, WMaker, RSS, etc.), that can be displayed in Article sections have several specificities in their Content API responses.

In each case, an Article source should return only items having an "article" type, and the subtype can vary (ex: "wordpress", "typepad", "wmaker", etc.).

1. Specific management of images in article's content

To allow the app to cache the images of the article, the images URLs mentioned in the article content have to appear in the array of dictionary images.

NB: The "id" attribute of the <img> tags contained in the article HTML code have to match the "id" key of a dictionary of the "images" array of the item.

2. Summary

The summary attribute content will be displayed at the list level in the app.

3. Thumbnail management

The article items return 3 thumbnails formats, that will be chosen by the app according to the active list template. Here are some indicative sizes: 

  • smallThumbnail : 158x82 

- thumbnail : 314x164
- largeThumbnail : original size of the image

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