1. Response of the Content API

Each response of the Content API is designed to not generate more calls. The returned items are always full.

Except for the Facebook and Soundcloud sources, which are very specific cases, the items returned for a call will always have the same type.

The responses of the Apollo Apps Content API are always done in JSON, and have always the same structure :

    "generated_in" : "...",
    "items" : [...],
    "next_page" : "...",
    "stat" : "...",
    "title" : "...",
    "url" : "..."

2. Keys

NameTypeDescriptiongenerated_inStringGeneration time of the responseitemsArray of ItemsArray of items to be returnednext_pageStringURL of the next_page to call (calculated with the page and per_page args)statStringStatus of the response ("ok" is everything is fine, "error" otherwise)titleStringTitle of the sourceurlStringURL of the source

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