The information contained in the META tags are added by search engines to their indexes, but are also used to display search results concerning your site.

Apollo Apps offers you different options for filling in the 2 important tags, the Title tag and the Meta Description tag. 

1. Default Meta tag

In the menu Publish > Administration > SEO, in the General Parameters tab, enter :

- The Title tag : corresponding to the browser title
- The Meta Description tag : corresponding to the web app description

This operation allows the title and Description tags to be filled in :  
- for the home page of the web app
- by default on all other pages of the web app, if no other configuration is applied.  

2. The tags of the pages of your sections

Go to the menu Publish > Administration > SEO, in the Sections tab to fill this info in.

- The Title Tag field allows you to add a specific tag, section by section.
- The Description field allows you to add a specific tag description, section by section.  

If you don't fill in these fields, the default Meta tags will be used for the pages in your sections. 

3. The Head Tag

Go to the menu Publish > Administration > SEO, to the Advanced tab.

You can manually add HTML code into the HEAD tag of your web app. This code will be displayed in the HEAD tag of all the pages.  

Warning, don't use this tab to enter simple text, it will be displayed in your web app and will harm your SEO.

4. The tags of the detail pages in your mCMS sections

By default, for the Article, Sound, Video, Map, and Calendar sections:
- The Title tag is filled in with the item title.
- The Description tag is filled in with the content in:

  • the Summary or if this field is empty or unavailable,
  • the first 200 characters of the first paragraph or if this field is empty,
  • the default description,

In the menu Builder > Sections > mCMS Sections, in the Content menu.
Choose the content to modify, then click on the SEO tab.
You can personalize the content in these tags.

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